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E950 Medical UBE

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Product Sheets

FluidExercise Medical UBE E950 | First Degree Fitness

The E950 Medical UBE is our flagship upper body ergometer. It’s versatile nature allows for multiple use types, including wheel chair access and standing access, making it popular with both athletes and rehabilitation professionals.

The FluidExercise E950 Medical Upper Body Ergometer with removable seat and wheelchair ramp, incorporates multiple adjustments to accommodate any and all athletes, fitness enthusiasts or patients on a rehabilitation program. The E950 is a high-quality commercial grade machine that offers maximum operational versatility, bidirectional seated or standing upper body cycling.

The E950 UBE crank arms are powered by FDF’s patented Adjustable Fluid Resistance, meaning the resistance level can be adjusted from feather light to Olympic challenge at the turn of a dial. Operating in both forward and reverse direction, the E950 Medical UBE is a high performing upper body ergo where multiple exercise movements apply.

Resistance can be adjusted on the E950 via our patented 10 x Adjustable Fluid Resistance Twin Tank. The resistance is silky smooth at any RPM so you can choose a pace that works for you completely independent of the resistance set. The adjustable Fluid Resistance can be changed quickly and easily from ‘featherlight’ to Olympic challenge and operates in both the forward and reverse direction for total muscle engagement. You can even change resistance on the fly.

The E950 seat can be removed entirely for wheelchair access, or for fitness ball and standing access. The base platform is designed to accommodate all forms of wheelchairs (standard and sports specific). With the ability to adjust the seat position, the crank height, the length of the crank, and the angle of the hand grip, the ergonomics can be ideally tailored to many individual requirements.

Medically approved, the E950 Medical Upper Body Ergometer is the ideal inclusion for a wide variety of training and rehabilitation applications. The E950 has the advantage that it does not require an external power supply so can be installed on any flat surface.

  • High-quality commercial grade machine
  • Designed to endure the toughest environments and high volume use
  • Accommodates any and all athletes, fitness enthusiasts or patients on a rehabilitation program
  • Lumbar support
  • Removable seat to allow wheelchair access
  • Fully adjustable seat position
  • Offers versatility for standing or seated use
  • Foot rest for added stability
  • Adjustable length crank arms
  • Height adjustable crank position, gas assisted from seated to standing
  • Yellow extrusions mark platform outside edges
  • Adjustable angle hand grips
  • Bluetooth Monitor
  • Product Weight: 120 lbs
  • Dimensions: 71.26" L X 40.16" W X 58.27" H
  • Max User Weight: 330 lbs
  • Minimum Active Area Required: 94.88" x 53.93"
  • Upright Storage 53.07" X 29.53"
  • Arm Crank Height: Adjustable from 28.14" to 49.05"
  • Arm Crank Length: Length adjustable from 4.72" to 9.44"
  • Low Seat Height: 21.3"
  • Fluid Resistance: Vertical FDF Twin Tank - 10 levels
  • Monitor: FDF Bluetooth / Heart Rate Compatible

Manufacturer Limited Warranty

Frame: 10 Year
Fluid Tank: 5 Years
Mechanical Components: 2 Years
All Other Components: 1 Year