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We're Multifamily Housing Fitness Amenity Experts

Experts at transforming living community gyms and fitness spaces

Smart, expertly designed fitness spaces start with Ardent Fitness. We offer full-service design services for multifamily housing centers and HOAs, including new construction and renovation of existing facilities.


Studies show that providing a fitness center can be one of the best investments for property owners and managers looking to retain residents as well as improving their bottom line.


Residents are attracted to the convenience of having a fitness center on site, and we're here to help you maximize your investment to its fullest potential.

Multifamily gym


Fitness Amenity Expert Design Elements


Our team creates innovative, attractive spaces with “Tour Appeal” to attract potential residents

Fitness Amenity Expert Design Elements


The right mix of equipment attracts a variety of users, and a busy fitness facility fosters a true community

Fitness Amenity Expert Design Elements


We create that first glance experience with fitness environments that add to the overall aesthetic of your housing development

Space Planning 

3D Renderings 

Expertly Curated Equipment 

The Latest Technology 


260sf Amenity 

620sf Amenity

1020sf Amenity

1200sf + Amenity

Your Fitness Amenity Is Your Best Asset. Start Your Project Today.

Incorporating an innovative & inclusive fitness center into your rental property or HOA can be a game-changer. From keeping existing residents happy and being a big draw to new renters, as well as justification for increased rental and lease agreements, a well-designed fitness center can provide a multitude of benefits.


Ardent Fitness is here to help with space planning, design, equipment, delivery, installation, and servicing.