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Training & Certification

Expand your group class and personal training offerings with official training programs.

We offer specialized fitness education and certification programs provided by the leading fitness brands nationwide to unlock your full potential as a trainer. These courses cover a variety of topics and approaches to exercise programming, and many offer course credits from ACE, AFAA, and NASM,.

Featured Courses

TRX Professional Education

One of the most esteemed programs in the industry, TRX teaches a movement-focused approach that can be adapted to suit individuals of all skill levels, goals, and equipment preferences.

Schwinn Indoor Cycling Online Classic Certification

The industry's most respected and progressive Indoor Cycling Program is offered in an online platform. Instructors are given the tools and knowledge to become a quality indoor cycling instructor.


Earn CECs & CEUs from ACE, AFAAA, and NASM.

Nautilus Strength Training Specialist Certification

Learn the benefits of strength training on Nautilus equipment and how to design exercise programming for a wide range of fitness goals. 


Earn course credits for ACE, AFAA, and NASM.