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TireFlip 180® XL

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353.00 LBS



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The Abs Company TireFlip 180® XL

The Patented TireFlip 180® XL is an innovative functional training device that gives you all the benefits of tire training in a safe, space saving design. With a starting resistance of 160 lbs, it’s perfect for more advanced users. The TireFlip 180® XL also allows you to add up to 80 pounds of additional free weight resistance giving you a training range of 160-240. Mobility wheels allow you to easily move the TireFlip 180XL out of the way when you are done training. Please Note: *Weights are not included

Provide Tire Training in your facility with this one compact space saving piece of equipment. The new open frame design allows users to step in as they flip making a more natural motion. Saving you space, money and appearance, your members will be sure to ‘flip’ for the TireFlip 180® XL!


  • Up to four 5lb or 10lb plates per weight post
  • Training range is 160-240 lbs
  • 6 Floor Mounting Points
  • 2 Battle Rope Anchor Points
  • 4 Sound Reducing Bumpers
  • Mobility wheels for easy movement
  • Open Frame Design
  • Weights are not included
  • Progressive Training: The plate loaded TireFlip 180® XL allows for progressive exercise and increased intensity with a training range from 160 - 240 lbs
  • Innovative Design: The innovative Design of the TireFlip 180® XL allows for unlimited training variety and a one of a kind fitness experience in a small space
  • User Friendly: No adjustments, simple movements and intuitive design make the TireFlip 180® XL easy to use and non-intimidating
  • Exceptional Quality: Top of the line materials and quality construction make the TireFlip 180® XL a durable and low maintenance piece equipment
  • Dimensions: 4' x 5'
  • Weight: 353 lb