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Serenity Motivate (Class 1) | Ecore


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25.00 LBS



Product Sheets

Ecore Serenity Motivate (Class 1) Flooring Product Specs
Ecore Serenity Motivate (Class 1) Flooring Force Reduction and Energy Restitution

Ecore Serenity Motivate (Class 1) Vinyl Flooring

Serenity Motivate Class I features a 2mm linen visual surface layer fusion bonded to a 5mm Motivate base layer. The Serenity surface layer visual is non-directional, and like the name suggests, is intended to create calm environments designed for therapy, rehab, clinical, and senior living type environments.

Note: Actual color may vary from on-screen representation and samples. 

  • Surface Layer: 2mm Heterogeneous Vinyl surface layer
  • itsTRU Fusion Bond: Proprietary itsTRU™ technology fusion-bonds the VCR layers
  • Base Layer: 5 mm Vulcanized Composition Rubber base layer
  • Roll: 7mm (0.28") x 70" (1.78m)
  • Force Reduction: 12.1%
  • Energy Restitution: 64.5%
  • Creates calm environments for therapy, rehab, clinical, and senior living applications
  • Exceptional acoustical, ergonomic, and safety benefits
  • Heat-welded installation is hygienic, easy to maintain, and sanitize
  • Made with reclaimed rubber materials
  • Ideal friction for athletic deceleration
  • Reduces structure borne noise
  • Lower in-room impact sound

Livingston (285)

Stonehaven (280)

Montrose (287)

Peebles (286)

Milton (284)

Aberdeen (283)

Hamilton (282)

Edinburgh (281)