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HOIST Roc-It Plate Loaded Series

HOIST Roc-It Plate Loaded Series - Commercial Fitness Equipment

With its dynamically rocking technology, the HOIST ROC-IT line reveals numerous biomechanical and physiological advantages missing with traditional exercise machines. This includes dynamically-adjusted user positions to optimally align and maintain joint position throughout motion, This also reduces stress on joints, improves stability and provides a pre-stretch most machines don’t have.

  • Make the human body an integral part of the exercise, training it as a system, not isolated and disconnected parts
  • Stable exercise platforms that help users maintain a natural range of motion and correct form without overloading or stressing joints
  • Allows users to impose a “pre-stretch” that improves muscle activation and strength increases
  • Reduce recovery time by eliminating awkward positions that compromise the body’s ability to rebuild
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HOIST Roc-It Plate Loaded Series Product Line

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Product Name SKU
Seated Dip RPL-5101
Biceps Curl RPL-5102
Lat Pulldown RPL-5201
Mid Row RPL-5203
Chest Press RPL-5301
Incline Chest Press RPL-5303
Decline Chest Press RPL-5305
Hack Squat/Dead Lift RPL-5356
Seated Calf Raise RPL-5363
Dual Action Leg Press RPL-5403
Standing Calf Raise RPL-5405
Shoulder Press RPL-5501
Abdominals RPL-5601