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HOIST Commercial Freeweight Line

HOIST Commercial Freeweight Line - Commercial Fitness Equipment

With the sleek lines of European styling and durable American engineering, the CF Commercial Freeweight line blends beauty with brawn. From adjustable benches to a Dual Action Smith Machine, each piece of CF equipment is geared towards optimal user performance and outstanding results.

  • Round Tube Frame provides unsurpassed strength and durability
  • Sleek & Appealing: Large radius sweeps (bends) adds beauty as well as frame rigidity
  • Customizable upholstery & frame color allows you to personalize your equipment to better fit the look of your facility
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HOIST Commercial Freeweight Products

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Assemble your quote for HOIST Commercial Freeweight products by clicking the link below. Reference the table below for the available HOIST Commercial Freeweight products and SKUs for quoting. Please include product name, SKU, and quantity.

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Product Name SKU
Kneeling Leg Curl CF-3411
Dual Action Smith CF-3754
7 Degree Smith CF-3753
Barbell Rack CF-3465
Accessory Rack CF-3466
3-Tier Beauty Bell Rack CF-3462-3
2-Tier Beauty Bell Rack CF-3462-2
3-Tier Dumbbell Rack CF-3461-3
2-Tier Dumbbell Rack CF-3461-2
1-Tier Dumbbell Rack CF-3461-1
4-Sided Olympic Plate Tree CF-3444
Olympic Plate Tree CF-3443
Squat Rack CF-3367
Angled Linear Leg Press CF-3355
Ab Bench CF-3264
Back Hyper CF-3663
Incline Leverage Row CF-3661
Military Press CF-3860
Standing Preacher Curl CF-3555
Preacher Curl CF-3550
Power Cage CF-3364
Fitness Tree CF-3962
Utility Bench CF-3960
Utility Stool CF-3950
Vertical Knee Raise/Dip CF-3252
Decline Olympic Bench CF-3177
Incline Olympic Bench CF-3172
Flat Olympic Bench CF-3170
Super Flat/Incline/Decline Bench CF-3165
Flat Bench CF-3163
Adjustable Super Flat/Decline Bench CF-3162
Flat/Incline Bench CF-3160
3-Way Olympic Bench CF-2179-B