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Bodycraft HFT Pro Functional Trainer Package

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521.00 LBS



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HFT Pro Functional Trainer Package | Bodycraft

Introducing the Updated HFT Pro Package with a Complimentary Personal Trainer!

Step into the future of fitness with the Updated HFT Pro, now including a complimentary personal trainer for your first 90 days! Redefining functional training, the HFT Pro boasts stainless steel uprights for sustainability and durability, along with enhanced contoured handles and sleek blue anodized aluminum adjustment pins.

Train the way you move with the HFT Pro. Whether it's strength training, sports-specific exercises, or everyday movements, this system allows you to define your path of motion, sculpting every part of your body for the lifestyle you desire. Not only does functional training enhance coordination, balance, and core strength, but it also adapts to your unique needs and preferences.


Unleash the full potential of your workouts with the HFT PRO's dual stainless steel cable columns. Featuring independent 180-degree rotational adjustable swivel pulleys, 31 precision-lasered height positions, and 61" of vertical travel, this system offers 80" of cable travel on each side. With an effective width of 55", the HFT PRO enables you to perform a vast array of functional exercises, ensuring limitless training possibilities.


Prepare for success with the HFT PRO's comprehensive accessory package. Loaded with essentials like Dual Contoured Single Handles, a Sports Stick, Long Bar, Tricep Rope, Padded Ankle Cuff, Chin/Push-up Assist Strap, Dual Heavy-duty 21 Link Adjustment Chain Set, and an Exercise Book, this machine provides everything you need for a complete workout experience.


Transform your fitness routine with functional training tailored to your body's natural movements. Enhance coordination, balance, core strength, and even refine your golf swing with the adaptable HFT Pro, revolutionizing the way you train and achieve your fitness goals.


Experience versatility like never before with the HFT PRO's multi-grip chin bar. Featuring three different grip positions—wide, classic, and narrow—this bar allows you to perform a wide range of upper body and core exercises, providing a comprehensive workout solution.

Connect-22 Android Touchscreen

Choose your own immersive experience. Watch your favorite streaming video, or connect to your favorite fitness app. Download any app from the google play store. Introducing the first fully open platform 22″ android touchscreen – with no subscription required!

  • You choose – free content, or paid apps, connect-22 is an android 9 open platform tablet
  • Includes mount
  • Wireless mirroring with phone or tablet ( iphone + android)
  • Full access to google play store to customize and download apps
  • Pre-installed entertainment and fitness apps
  • 180 degree swivel and 90 degree tilt adjustability (indoor cycle and rower brackets only)
  • Add dual pro sensor to connect to data sharing bike fitness apps


  • Speed Trainer: Opt for the optional Speed Trainer and take your HFT Pro to new heights. Experience high-speed exercises like boxing and power cleans without sacrificing tension, all while staying motivated and achieving greater strength, power, and gains. It's time to revolutionize your training routine with the HFT Pro.

Experience the next level of fitness with the HFT Pro Functional Trainer - redefine your limits and achieve your goals like never before!

  • Heavy-gauge oval tubing frame with laser cut steel plates
  • Independent adjustable cable columns made of stainless steel
  • 31 precision lasered height positions and dual independent 180 degree rotational adjustable swivel pulleys
  • Comprehensive accessories including dual contoured single handles, sports stick, long bar, tricep rope, padded ankle cuff, chin/push-up assist strap, and dual heavy-duty 21 link adjustment chain set, complete with an exercise book
  • Multi-grip chin bar with wide, classic, and narrow positions
  • Non-skid extra wide stabilizer end caps for stability
  • Aesthetics enhanced by easy install end-caps, all black hardware, updated laser-cut workout guide plate, blue anodized aluminum selector pins and pop-pins, and blue single handle accents
  • Diamond gray and textured black electrostatic powder-coated paint finish
  • 3.5″ diameter fiberglass impregnated nylon pulleys with sealed maintenance-free precision ball bearings
  • Flexible nylon coated cables rated at over 2000 lbs. tensile strength
  • Cable travel of 80″ (using one side)
  • Dual 150 lbs weight stacks with magnetic selector pins and lanyard, featuring a 2:1 ratio, with an optional upgrade to 200 lbs each
  • Heavy duty chrome plated guide rods
  • Dimensions: 40″ L x 55″ W x 82″ H
  • Weight: 540lbs Assembled (640lbs with upgraded 200lb stacks)
  • Frame: Heavy-Gauge Plate and Oval Steel Tubing
  • Paint Finish: The Diamond Gray and Textured Black electrostatic powder-coated finish evenly cover all surfaces, for a tough and long-lasting finish.
  • Pulleys: 3.5″ diameter, fiberglass impregnated nylon pulleys with sealed maintenance-free precision ball bearings
  • Cable: The most flexible nylon coated, 7 X 19 strand aircraft cable rated at over 2000 lbs. tensile strength
  • Weight Stack: Dual 150lbs. Weight Stacks with Magnetic Selector Pins. The weight stack to user weight ratio is 2:1. It can be upgraded to 200lbs each
  • Guide Rods/Pulley Upright Tubes: Heavy Duty Chrome Plated tubular steel. The Pulley Upright Tubes are laser etched with a numeric index


  • Residential: Frame Lifetime / Parts Lifetime / Excludes normal wear and tear
  • Commercial: Frame 10 years / Parts 2 years / Excludes normal wear and tear