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Total Gym Elevate Series

Total Gym ELEVATE Series

Total Gym's ELEVATE Series is a full lineup of bodyweight resistance single-station machines that are simple, intuitive, and challenging for all levels of fitness enthusiasts. These functional trainers provide complete workouts using bodyweight as the form of resistance, not weight stacks or plates. The ELEVATE Series is perfect for personal training or as part of an overall circuit program or group training.

  • Designed for all levels of fitness
  • A full lineup of bodyweight resistance machines
  • Perfect for personal training, circuit programs, group training, and more
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Total Gym ELEVATE Series Product Line

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Product Name SKU
Total Gym ELEVATE Encompass™ 5200-B2
Total Gym ELEVATE Circuit Circuit-E5B
Total Gym ELEVATE Super Circuit Circuit-E6B
Total Gym ELEVATE Core ADJ™ 6000-B1
Total Gym ELEVATE Row ADJ™ 7450-B1
Total Gym ELEVATE Row™ 7400-B2
Total Gym ELEVATE Jump™ 5900-B1
Total Gym ELEVATE Press™ 5850-B1
Total Gym ELEVATE Pull Up™ 5800-B1