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SuperMAX Bodyweight Fitness

SuperMAX Bodyweight Fitness

Ultra-durable, and hand-welded of the strongest materials, SuperMAX correctional facility equipment is the the most resilient on the market. Tamperproof and built to last, SuperMAX is handmade in the USA and is the perfect fitness addition for prisons, correctional facilities, military bases, police and fire departments, or any application where only the toughest equipment will work. SuperMAX has no moving parts for minimal maintenance and its 25-year warranty makes it the best product for your existing or new workout facility.

Manufactured with oversized steel components and thicker wall sizes, SuperMAX Outdoor/indoor fitness equipment is strictly bodyweight equipment and requires no moving parts, cables, weights, pulleys or other components which could sustain damage or need replacement. Everything is hand-welded, pre-drilled, and then bolted together using heavy-duty tamper resistant hardware. SuperMAX is simply the toughest prison equipment available.

  • Tough, durable and tamperproof for years of use, backed by the best warranty available
  • Modular system features no moving parts, which equals minimal maintenance
  • All SuperMAX fitness systems are handmade and hand welded in the USA
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SuperMAX Series Product Line

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Product Name SKU
SuperMAX 10 SuperMAX 10
SuperMAX 8 SuperMAX 8
SuperMAX 6 SuperMAX 6
SuperMAX 4 SuperMAX 4
Extreme Bench Extreme Bench 7 / 10
Super Duty Pull Up Bar Super Duty Pull Up Bar
Super Duty Parallel Bars Super Duty Parallel Bars