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Nautilus Inspiration Series

Nautilus Instinct® Series

Easy-to-use. Easy on space. The Nautilus Instinct® Series of strength equipment is a full line of intuitive machines with easy adjustments, offering users a quick and complete workout. Perfectly suited to be a basic strength line or circuit system, the Instinct® Series effectively complements more specialized lines. Circuit workouts, self-guided training, or personal training can all be done within just 30 minutes. The Instinct machines are versatile, and have small footprints to get the most out of minimal space.

  • Lock N Load easy-to-use weight selection
  • Compact, small footprint for ultimate versatility
  • Dual use machines—easily switch between two different exercises with a simple adjustment
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Nautilus Instinct® Series Product Line

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Assemble your quote for Nautilus products by clicking the link below. Reference the table below for the available Nautilus Instinct® products and SKUs for quoting. Please include product name, SKU, and quantity.

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Product Name SKU
Instinct® Dual Biceps Curl/Triceps Extension Model 9NL-D5120
Instinct® Biceps Curl Model 9NL-S5100
Instinct® Triceps Extension Model 9NL-S5110
Instinct® Dual Pectorial Fly/Rear Deltoid Model 9NL-D2110
Instinct® Shoulder Press Model 9NL-S4100
Instinct® Dual Leg Press/Calf Raise Model 9NL-D1013
Instinct® Leg Curl Model 9NL-S1011
Instinct® Dual Leg Extension/Leg Curl Model 9NL-D1014
Instinct® Dual Inner/Outer Thigh Model 9NL-D1015
Instinct® Glute Press Model 9NL-S1012
Instinct® Chest Press Model 9NL-S2100
Instinct® Dual Multi-Press Model 9NL-D2120
Instinct® Lat Pull Down Model 9NL-S3310
Instinct® Dual Lat Pull Down/Vertical Row Model 9NL-D3340
Instinct® Vertical Row Model 9NL-S3320
Instinct® Rotary Torso Model 9NL-S6300
Instinct® Leg Extension Model 9Nl-S1010
Instinct® Dual Abdominal/Lower Back Model 9NL-D6330
Instinct® Dual Adjustable Pulley Model 9NL-D2002
Instinct® Olympic Incline Bench Model 9NN-B7201
Instinct® Olympic Flat Bench Model 9NN-B7503
Instinct® Dumbbell Rack10-Pair/3 Tier Model 9NN-R8002
Instinct® 45° Back Extension Model 9NN-B7502
Instinct® Dumbbell Rack 10-Pair/2 Tier Model 9NN-R8001
Instinct® Adjustable Abdominal Decline Bench Model 9NN-B7200
Instinct® Ab Bench Model 9NN-B7505
Instinct® Multi-Adjustable Bench Model 9NN-B7501
Instinct® Multi-Adjustable Bench 100 Model 9NN-B7506