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Nautilus Inspiration Series

Nautilus Impact® Series

Proven. Smart. Effective. The Nautilus Impact® Series is the evolution of proven biomechanics and user features. This lineup is packed with solid, competitive strength equipment that retain the unique and proven design features that customers and users love. The Impact® Series incorporates fresh aesthetics and biomechanic features that establish the lineup as a diverse strength product line.

  • Lock N Load easy-to-use weight selection
  • The essential strength line—23 pieces cover all needs for any facility
  • Suited for all fitness levels and all types of workouts
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Nautilus Impact® Series Product Line

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Assemble your quote for Nautilus products by clicking the link below. Reference the table below for the available Nautilus Impact® products and SKUs for quoting. Please include product name, SKU, and quantity.

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Product Name SKU
Impact® Abdominal Model 9NA-S6301
Impact® Low Back Model 9NA-S3302
Impact® Dip Machine Model 9NA-S5303
Impact® Triceps Extension Model 9NA-S5302
Impact® Incline Press Model 9NA-S2301
Impact® Deltoid Fly Model 9NA-S4304
Impact® Fixed Lat Pull Down Model 9NA-S3303
Impact® Lat Pull Down Model 9NA- S3305
Impact® Vertical Row Model 9NA-S3301
Impact® Low Row Model 9NA-S3306
Impact® Shoulder Press Model 9NA-S4307
Impact® Deltoid Raise Model 9NA-S4302
Impact® Biceps Curl Model 9NA-S5301
Impact® Seated Leg Curl Model 9NA-S1313
Impact® Leg Extension Model 9NA-S1312
Impact® Standing Calf Model 9NA-S1309
Impact® Abductor Model 9NA-S1307
Impact® Chest Press Model 9NA-S4301
Instinct® Olympic Incline Bench Model 9NN-B7201
Impact® Adductor Model 9NA-S1308
Impact® Kneeling Leg Curl Model 9NA-S1311
Impact® Leg Curl Model 9NA-S1301
Impact® Chin Dip Assist Model 9NA-S6334