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HOIST HD Dual Series

HOIST HD Dual Series - Commercial Fitness Equipment

The expanded HOIST HD Dual Series offers a comprehensive solution for fitness facilities where space, budget or both are at a premium. Featuring the same aesthetic distinction and durable construction as the popular HOIST ROC-IT™ line, the Dual Series offers 9 dual or multi-function stations.

  • Innovative designs with increased flexibility
  • Premium construction & durability
  • Variety of stations for multiple exercises
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HOIST HD Dual Series Product Line

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Assemble your quote for HOIST HD Dual Series products by clicking the link below. Reference the table below for the available HOIST HD Dual Series products and SKUs for quoting. Please include product name, SKU, and quantity.

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Product Name SKU
Dual Pulley Functional Trainer HD-3000
Preacher Curl/Triceps Extension HD-3100
Lat Pulldown/Mid Row HD-3200
Chest Press/Shoulder Press HD-3300
Leg Extension/Leg Curl HD-3400
Leg Press/Calf Raise HD-3403
Ab Crunch/Low Back HD-3600
Chin/Dip Assist HD-3700
Inner Thigh/Outer Thigh HD-3800
Pec Fly/Rear Delt HD-3900