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Lincoln Station Rowhomes

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A completely new destination for vibrant living, Lincoln Station Rowhomes in New Lenox, Illinois, presents a prime example of luxury accommodations within its community. Lincoln Station Rowhomes offers a unique charm with its blend of modern amenities tailored for comfort and convenience. As part of their complete suite of amenities, Lincoln Station Rowhomes partnered with Ardent Fitness to create a 24/7 fitness center for residents.

Residents will have access to a state-of-the-art fitness facility that incorporates the latest in fitness technology. This includes cutting-edge cardio machines, top-tier strength training equipment, and a variety of other advanced fitness tools.


  • Fitness equipment
  • Fitness equipment setup & installation
  • Zogics Gym Wipes

Create Your Fitness Space

with Ardent Fitness

From multifamily housing spaces like Lincoln Station Rowhouses to larger fitness facilities at major universities or country clubs, as well as curated home fitness spaces, Ardent Fitness is here to help with the entire process, from space planning and design to fitness equipment selection, delivery, installation, and service.

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