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Errick McAdams, CPT

Video: Sean O’Grady (@seanniecameras)
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Errick is a Washington, DC-based personal trainer, who focuses on one-on-one sessions with his clients. Certified and insured by the American Council on Exercise, Errick will design a comprehensive fitness program for each and every client, including training, nutrition coaching, and diet monitoring.

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  • Space planning & 3D renderings
  • Equipment recommendations
  • Delivery & installation
“It (my studio) was basically a rock pile. Ardent Fitness did all the equipment and we’ve just been very fortunate. When people start working out things change outside of the gym. They move on and they move up in life and I just really enjoy being part of that process.”

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Whether you're a small one-on-one studio like Errick, a larger commercial facility, or setting up a home workout space, Ardent Fitness can work with you every step of the way, from space planning and design to equipment selection, financing, installation and service.

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