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Aktiv Solutions Gym Rax Training Wall Systems

Gym Rax® Training Wall Systems

From commercial gym design to residential home gyms, Aktiv Solutions modular Gym Rax systems provide endless configurations for every type of exercise space. Elevate your functional training setup with Gym Rax bays that support storage space, interchangeable shelving, anchoring, and suspension products. Integrate an unlimited range of fitness equipment like dip bars, wall ball targets, plyo platforms, pull-up bars, punching bags, and more.

We're experts at commercial and home gym design. Our experience with space planning and equipment knowledge combined with Aktiv Solutions adaptable functional training solutions will get you the fitness space upgrade you've always wanted—guaranteed.

  • Commercial grade, modular storage and suspension systems
  • Endless configuration possibilities to customize your own system
  • Store all of your fitness equipment neatly, and use interchangeable shelving to adapt your training preferences as needed
  • Integrate suspension training and anchoring to any Gym Rax configuration
  • Ideal for commercial gyms, home gyms, group studios, health clubs, and more
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Streamline Storage

Gym Rax systems are available in 3', 4', or 6' tall bays and feature ample storage space to keep all of your fitness equipment tidy and where you need it.

Interchangeable Shelving

Adapt your training regiments easily and at any time with interchangeable shelving. Expand your options and attract members with endless functional training configurations and setups.

Free-standing Anchor Kit

Aktiv Solutions' free-standing anchor kit requires no fastening to your flooring or wall. Gym Rax systems have the most compact functional footprint.

Aktiv Solutions Gym Rax Pre-Configured Systems

Build Your Own System

Build your own Gym Rax configuration

Customize your own Gym Rax configuration with endless possibilities. Get in touch with us today to start building your system—we'll walk you through selecting your bays, storage, add-ons, and more.

Build Your System