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Tranquility MP Barrel Sauna

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Amplify Your Amenities with Tranquility MP Barrel Sauna

Presenting the Tranquility MP Barrel Sauna from LeisureCraft—a supreme wellness enhancement perfect for any fitness center, rental, or home. This sauna is designed to invigorate post-workout relaxation by stimulating comprehensive body detoxification, aiding improved circulation, alleviating muscle soreness, supporting calorie burn, and nourishing skin rejuvenation.

The Tranquility MP Barrel Sauna merges eco-conscious Eastern White Cedar with the latest in sauna technology, yielding an exceptionally energy-efficient, post-workout sanctuary. It stands as an elegant icon of sustainable luxury without putting a drain on your gym's energy consumption.

The Tranquility MP Barrel Sauna provides a substantial relaxation area to accommodate gym-goers after their strenuous workout sessions. Its goal is not only to add value to your fitness facility but also to cultivate a nurturing environment fostering relaxation, recovery, and overall wellness.

Introduce this innovative blend of health and tranquility with the Tranquility MP Barrel Sauna. Show your commitment towards delivering a complete wellness solution that extends beyond quality workout sessions, enveloping members and guests in calming ambiance devoted to their holistic health journey.

  • Handcrafted from sustainable Eastern White Cedar
  • 5mm bronze tempered glass door with wooden frame for elegance and safety
  • Pre-hung front wall facilitating seamless assembly
  • Customizable with options for heaters, chimney, and roof
  • Wide variety of accessory options, including cedar bottle shelf, elite backrest, and electric sauna light, to enhance the sauna experience
  • Competitive pricing, significantly lower than the MSRP for maximum value
  • Eco-friendly, energy-efficient design that's light on power consumption
  • Substantial interior space to accommodate multiple users comfortably
  • Idea for post-workout relaxation, aiding in detox and recovery
  • Represents tranquil luxury in any home or garden setting
  • Product’s design offers absolute privacy while maintaining a connection with immediate surroundings
  • A wellness investment that boosts attractiveness of a fitness facility offering comprehensive health and relaxation benefits
  • Solid, robust build for maximum durability and longevity
  • Beneficial for skin rejuvenation, muscle relaxation and overall well-being improvement
  • Shipping Dimensions: 120" x 45" x 34" 
  • Shipping Weight: 1444.1 lbs