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Smart Stability Balls

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5.00 LBS



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About Prism Fitness

Prism Fitness believes in the power of movement in the development of mind and body. They are committed to spreading greater understanding of the human body, and the safest and most effective ways to prepare the body for challenges ranging from everyday functional movements to amateur sporting events to a professional-level competition. Prism Fitness strives to create simple-yet-innovative training equipment that can be used to achieve transformative results.

  • The Smart Stability Balls are self-guided for users at all fitness levels.
  • They feature 13 exercises that are printed on the ball for easy reference.
  • Three sizes available, each are burst-resistant (PVC construction) and includes a pump.

User Height : Suggested Ball Size

  • 5'4" and under: 55 cm
  • 5'5" – 6'0": 65 cm
  • 6'1" and over: 75 cm