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Premium Resistance Cord

$22.00 - $28.00
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5.00 LBS



Product Sheets

TKO Premium Resistance Cord

The TKO Premium resistance cord is a excellent addition to your collection of equipment, as it enables you to push yourself to the point of progress. The key to working out and developing strength is compound movement under resistance. This means considerable resistance, not the resistance met in everyday movements, like picking up a small object or waving. The Technical KnockOut Premium Resistance Cord uses the tension generated by stretching to provide you with all the resistance you need to give you a great workout.

Combining function with safety, the core of the TKO Premium Resistance Cord is made of a nylon-encased rubber tube within a thick safety coil, ensuring effective resistance without the risk of the cord snapping and causing injury. The TKO Premium Resistance Cord also features a soft, comfortable handle to make adjusting tension and difficulty easier. The Technical KnockOut Premium Resistance Cord is available in three different strength levels: Light, Medium, and Heavy. The TKO Premium Resistance Cord will make an excellent addition to any workout routine, and to any home fitness enthusiast who wants a great workout without buying lots of expensive and heavy equipment.

  • Resistances Available: Light, Medium, Heavy
  • Soft handle for comfort
  • Nylon cover for added durability
  • Safety coil to protect against injury if breaks were to occur
  • Great addition to any workout routine