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betterair Biotica 1200

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31.96 LBS



Product Sheets

  • Dimensions: 7 x 15 x 5 in
  • Power Supply: Input
  • Voltage: 110/240VAC
  • Weight: 31.96 lb
  • Output: 12 VDC, 2A
  • Covers up to 13,000 sq/ft
  • Provides an in-depth microbial bio-cleansing
  • Patented Enviro-biotics™ technology purifies the air, surfaces, and more
  • Composed of 100% natural and organic beneficial probiotics

betterair Biotica 1200

The BA-1200 is a programmable, automated device that utilizes sensor-based algorithms to ensure an optimal distribution of Enviro-Biotics® via HVACs. The patented design provides an in-depth microbial bio-cleansing in highly contaminated HVAC ducts, transforming HVACs from being the main contributor of Building Related Illness (BRI) to an effective method of spreading Enviro-Biotics® that purifies entire facilities. The BA-1200 is built with a robust metal chassis. The installation is easy and quick, providing ideal coverage to small and medium size facilities. The BA-1200 covers an area of up to 1250 sqm. (13,000 sqf.), using a 500 ml (17 oz) bottle of Enviro-Biotics®

How it works

A proprietary blend of probiotics re-populates your indoor environment. An ultra-fine mist continuously releases billions of probiotics into the air to land on surfaces, penetrate fabrics, and infiltrate every corner of your facility. The result? Your environment is returned to the natural state where clean air thrives.

About betterair

Founded in Israel in 2010, betterair has spent 9 years researching, developing and testing its proprietary blend of environmental probiotics specifically for indoor use. Its safety and efficacy has been clinically proven and tested by multiple accredited laboratories and institutions around the world. A direct and immediate result of treating the indoor environment with betterair’s probiotics is an enhanced quality of life and well-being. betterair is composed of 100% natural and organic beneficial probiotics derived entirely from soil and plants. There are no chemicals or unnatural additives whatsoever.

betterair products diffuse patented Environmental Probiotics (Enviro-biotics™) into the air in virtually any indoor space. Enviro-biotics™ purify the air, surfaces and can even penetrate hard to reach areas such as carpets, mattresses, ductwork, your computer keyboard et al. The patented technology covers areas as small as your personal space to the largest building.