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HOIST Club Line

HOIST Club Line - Commercial Fitness Equipment

The CLUB LINE from HOIST Fitness offers a smaller, quieter option to club owners looking for more space in their facility with the premium equipment that only HOIST can offer. With no guide rods or selector pins, the Club Line's Slide Select System has fewer friction points and a smooth, quiet function.

  • Clubs can fit more units in less space
  • Allows members to maintain social distancing
  • Slide Select System allows users to squeeze and slide a handle to select weight resistance
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HOIST Club Line Products

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Assemble your quote for HOIST Club Line products by clicking the link below. Reference the table below for the available HOIST Club Line products and SKUs for quoting. Please include product name, SKU, and quantity.

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Product Name SKU
Inner/Outer Thigh CL-3800
Abdominals CL-3601
Lateral Raise CL-3502
Standing/Prone Leg Curl CL-3408
Pec Fly/Rear Delt CL-3309
Mid Row CL-3203
Shoulder Press CL-3501
Leg Press CL-3403
Leg Curl CL-3402
Leg Extension CL-3401
Chest Press CL-3301
Lat Pulldown CL-3201
Triceps Press CL-3103
Preacher Curl CL-3102