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Lifetime Wellness Center

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The Lifetime Wellness Center in Marion, Virginia, is taking a significant stride towards enhancing its health and fitness offerings by introducing a state-of-the-art, two-lane indoor running track. This new addition is part of the center’s commitment to providing a comprehensive range of activities that promote a healthier and happier community.

Ardent Fitness, renowned for its expertise in custom fitness solutions, was selected to lead the installation of this indoor running track. With a reputation for excellence in creating tailored fitness environments from the ground up, Ardent Fitness has transformed the available space into a modern, safe, and comfortable running venue.


  • Ecore Performance Rally Roll and Tiles
  • Old flooring removal
  • Floor preparation & line painting
  • Track preparation & installation

Create Your Fitness Space

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Whether you are looking at a new build-out or upgrading an existing space, our product range includes rolled rubber flooring, interlocking tiles, dance studio surfaces, and more. Ardent Fitness is here to help with the entire process, from space planning and design to fitness equipment selection, delivery, installation, and service.

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