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Twin Tow

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3.00 LBS



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Twin Tow

The Twin Tow builds powerful speed through fixed resistance and multidirectional movements. It provides consistent interactive resistance necessary to improve strength, speed, and stamina. The user in back provides resistance to the user in front, who runs forward, laterally, or turns around and backpedals. This training tool allows athletes to instantly switch roles without removing belts to effectively train both users and provide dynamic transitions.

Note: Since this product is designed to provide strong resistance, the leash does not have a lot of "give" (or stretch) to it.

  • Durable 10-foot nylon leash connects two adjustable 3-foot diameter waist loops
  • Stitched with heavy-bonded, strong nylon thread
  • Leash: 10 ft
  • 3 ft diameter waist loops