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TV Mirrors

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13.00 LBS



Product Sheets

LiteMirror TV Mirrors

Our Scrim film offers multiple uses for mirrors. Used as a scrim mirror, our frames will be created to act as a two-way mirror. By using a slightly heavier frame and eliminating the foam backing, these mirrors can be used to cover TV's, create optical illusions and used for security cameras. This film can also be used in normal mirror frames offering a smokey tint.

About LiteMirror

LiteMirrors are light-weight, glassless mirrors made from a highly reflective optical film. They will not shatter or break into dangerous shards when impacted. The reflected image is a super clear high definition and amazingly brighter than glass, acrylic or plastic mirrors. Because of their unique lightweight, shatterproof and fire-rated properties, these mirrors are perfect for gyms, dance studios, community centers, indoor riding arenas, children’s rooms, sports training and theater. LiteMirrors are perfect anywhere you can hang a mirror. Safe and lightweight to place everywhere you can’t hang a glass mirror!

  • Virtually any size or shaped mirrors can be created. Contact us for pricing per square foot.