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Speed & Agility Turf Flooring

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2.00 LBS



Product Sheets

Ecore Speed & Agility Turf Flooring

Featuring dense, textured nylon surfaces fusion bonded to a performance backing, Ecore Athletic turf surfaces provide an ideal solution for footwork drills and sled work. Ecore’s revolutionary, premium turf surfaces have the power to transform regular spaces into high-performing sports and fitness venues. Designed for indoor sport and agility use, Ecore turf products are spike resistant, available in rolls or interlocking tiles, and can be customized with logos and up to different seven colors.

Speed & Agility Turf features a dense, textured nylon wear layer fusion bonded through patented itsTRU™ technology to either a 5 mm or 12 mm vulcanized composition rubber backing. While too abrasive to fall or dive on, this consistent and tight surface is ideal for all footwork drills and sled work.

  • No infill
  • Portable (Interlocking Tile)
  • Meets specifications for competitive field hockey, lacrosse, and soccer fields
  • Indoor Only
  • Roll 8 mm: 0.31" x 72" x 35 LF 
  • Roll 15 mm: 0.59" x 72"  x 25 LF 
  • Interlocking Tile 15 mm: 0.59" x 23" x 46"