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Six-Pak Base Functional Trainer

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400.00 LBS



Product Sheets

  • Dimensions: 42" × 33" × 80"
  • Frame: The same patented, European inspired design found on the #1 selling SPT-6X Six-Pak Trainer.
  • V-shaped Base:  Stability and support for most size stability balls and benches.
  • Finish: Powder coat finish – Platinum Sparkle accented with Ebony Chrome.
  • Padding: Durable high density pads upholstered in premium grade naugahyde.
  • Cables: .094” USA-Made / Certified EXERFLEX PRO 1000lbs. high performance fitness cable.
  • Cable Ratio: The Six-Pak functional trainer contains a unique 1:4 cable ratio designed to provide extended cable travel while enabling micro 2.5 lb weight increment adjustments. With extended cable travel, users may perform a variety of functional exercises (including fast repetition sports-related training) further away from the machine. As a result, the resistance felt at each handle is approximately 1/4 of the weight selected.
  • Weight Stack: 150 lbs. steel weight stack with full length protective steel weight shields. Optional upgrade to 200lbs. available
  • Compact, space efficient design – fits on a 3ft x 4ft mat
  • Includes six (6) cable pulleys enabling smooth functional movements
  • Three (3) convenient cable heights (low, mid, and high)
  • 150 lb steel weight stack (optional upgrade to 200 lb)
  • USA-made high performance fitness cable – certified 1000 lb
  • Extended cable travel *Resistance at handle is approx 1/4 of the weight selected
  • Optional 360º rotating lay-flat workout bench (SPT-6X)
  • Home Lifetime Warranty*

TuffStuff Six-Pak Base Functional Trainer

TuffStuff’s #1 selling, patented Six-Pak Trainers have been changing the shape of functional training for more than a decade. The Six-Pak Base Functional Trainer (SPT-6B) features an open frame design that allows nearly unlimited full body strength training. Equipped with six cable pulleys at three separate cable heights (low, mid, and high), the SPT-6B enables quick and easy transitions between exercises. Highly versatile, the Six-Pak Functional Trainer may be used with stability balls, balance boards, BOSU trainers, and benches for seated, standing and other ground based movements.

TuffStuff’s Six-Pak Base Functional Trainer (SPT-6B) provides space-efficient cable motion technology in a compact all-frontal work station. Transitions between exercises are quick and easy with three convenient cable heights (low, mid, and high). While the “free-flow” handles provide multi-directional, free and natural movements.

The Six-Pak Functional Trainer features an open frame design which allows full body training utilizing stability balls, balance boards, BOSU trainers, benches and other ground based movements.

The base Six-Pak (SPT-6B) comes equipped with a 150 lb solid steel weight stack.

The upgraded 6X Six-Pak (SPT-6X) includes a built-in 360° rotating lay-flat workout bench and a 200 lb solid steel weight stack.

Manufacturer Warranty

Home Lifetime Warranty*

Lifetime of the equipment while owned by the original purchaser (applies only to defects from manufacturer only).

*This warranty does not cover:

  • TuffStuff products sold for and used in a commercial or institutional environment.
  • Any damage, failure or loss caused by accident, misuse, neglect, abuse, improper assembly, improper maintenance, or failure to follow instructions or warnings in the owner’s manual and warning labels posted on the machines.
  • Use of the product in a manner for which it was not designed.
  • Original product that is altered, or the use of replacement parts and components of another manufacturer other than TuffStuff. See Owner’s Manual for details.