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Quick Release Leash

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Quick Release Leash

The Quick Release Leash combines fixed resistance with overload release for explosive speed training. The user providing the resistance simply tugs on the red ripcord to release the 10-foot long nylon leash from the runner's belt or harness. The leash does NOT come with a belt or harness. If you do not currently have a belt or harness with either a saturn ring or D-ring, purchase the Sprint Resistor for maximum training versatility.

  • Provides runners with a safe burst of speed without the danger of a dangling leash that may tangle in the runner's leg
  • Durable nylon leash features heavily-reinforced stitching
  • 10-inch wide easy-to-grip handle
  • Belt or harness NOT included
  • Length: 10 ft
  • 10 inch wide grip handle