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Pushup Bars

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5.00 LBS



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TKO Pushup Bars

Why invest in a push-up bar for your workout routine? The pushup is a classic exercise used all over the world to get results in upper body development. The pushup is also as versatile as it is popular; the humble pushup can be used to target a variety of specific muscle areas simply by changing hand positions or rotation of the wrist. This means that the pushup can be used for specific muscles, not only larger muscle groups in the upper body.

Despite the popularity and effectiveness of the pushup, the resulting and often painful wear and tear on wrists and hands can deter people from making this excellent exercise part of their routine. The TKO Push-up Bars can help reduce strain and stress on the hand, wrist, and knuckles.

The TKO Push-up Bars can also be used for non push-up exercises. Exercises and stretches where palms, fists, or hands need to be on the ground to provide stability can be performed in maximum comfort and stability with the use of the TKO Push-up Bars.

  • Colors: Grey/Black
  • Grip Type: Rubber
  • Great for push-ups and stretching
  • Improves strength in upper body, arms, shoulders, and chest
  • 2 ABS material; can support any body type
  • Molded bottoms prevent slipping and sliding on any surface
  • Grips provide maximum grip comfort and stability
  • Push-ups can be done more comfortably and effectively
  • Reduces strain on wrists and hands

1 Year